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Alfred AI company as an artificial intelligence software company. Alfred, designs manufactures and customizes robots globally. Alfred AI  supports and assists customers in many business areas.  Our team builds partnerships with our customers and works efficiently to deliver proactive solutions. As a solution, our team carries out activities based on machine learning, deep learning, predictive analysis, and image processing.  R&D department can personalize basic robots according to customer needs. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure life where brainpower and energy are used more efficiently.

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Our company is active in R & D and can personalize basic robots according to customer needs. Our goal is to provide a safeand secure life where brain power and energy are used more efficiently.


Through Alfred Servus, our company provides all kinds of contributions to human health through artificial intelligence software developed in the field of health. LEARN MORE


Our company also provides easiness to the farmer’s thanks to the artificial intelligence tools it has developed in the field of agriculture. Alfred Terra has… LEARN MORE


In the financial sector, which is a risky sector in business life, our company serves very carefully and decisively for our customers. In this context, Alfred… LEARN MORE


From micro to big enterprises as data center infrastructure is changing and becoming more distributed, the challenge is increasing. Unmanned… LEARN MORE

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Our Alfred AI company serves as the human-basic machine learning platform in various industries.

Alfred Servus

In the field of health, Alfred Servus provides solutions as a personalized product in terms of patient care and clinical management.

Alfred Terra

In the field of agriculture, Alfred Terra has developed agricultural farms for the farmers and the agricultural producers

Alfred Veritas

Alfred Veritas contributes to the decision-making process of our customers through algorithms and thus provides a brilliant way to solve the problems. With the use of personalized robots in the use of interior space...